Darby Allin Wants To Plant AEW Flag On Mount Everest

darby allin aew skateboard

Darby Allin really wants to represent All Elite Wrestling when he climbs Mount Everest.

Fans of All Elite Wrestling know that Darby Allin might be the biggest risk-taker in the entire company. After all, the popular face-painted athlete is known for doing risky things using his skateboard and he shows no fear when he’s in the ring too.

While Darby Allin failed to win the AEW World Title from MJF in a fatal four-way match last weekend at Double or Nothing in a match that also included Jack Perry & Sammy Guevara, Allin impressed everybody with his performance.

Outside of the ring, Darby Allin has made it clear that he wants to climb Mount Everest in 2024. Allin was interviewed by Fightful recently and he recalled what he told AEW Owner Tony Khan about the Mount Everest climb attempt.

“I told him. I said, ‘Hey, I’ve got this idea. If there’s a way to get more eyes on the company,’ like I had been doing with the Travis Pastrana and Tony Hawk stuff, ‘There’s more eyes to get on the company through extreme stunts. I’ll be the guinea pig for that. What about me climbing Mount Everest? No wrestler’s ever done that before. What if I just plant a big AEW flag on top of Mount Everest?’ I’m thinking of what we could get in return, you know?”

“Interviews with Good Morning America or whatever it may be. I have a team that reached out to me from Discovery. We would document the whole thing. So it’s a way I want to give back to the company, so it’s not like homie going into the mountains and disappearing.”

“There is a method to the madness that I want to give back. He was down at first, then he started thinking, ‘Wait, it’s Mount Everest. You might die.’ I said, ‘Tony, I think I got this.’ I really believe I got this. It’s a big thing to me to do.”

As he continued, Darby Allin spoke about how all the crazy stuff he does gives him confidence in life.

“It’s something like what I’ve said in promos in AEW, ‘I do crazy things to break down mental barriers in my head.’ Growing up I never had the confidence. I used to walk to school with my head looking at the ground because I was too embarrassed to look at the people driving by. The moment I started doing crazy stuff, the more and more it gave me confidence.”

“I’ve never had more confidence in my whole entire life. I’m laser focused. I really think it’s from doing crazy stuff. It breaks down these mental barriers in my head. Climbing Mount Everest, man, I feel like once I summit that mount, I come back, you’re getting the most confident dude ever. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see how it all plays out.”

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin teamed up with Orange Cassidy to win a tag team match. Allin’s mentor Sting saved him after the match when the likes of Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage tried to do a post match attack.

Ahead of his upcoming TNT Championship at All Out, Allin has heavily criticised the booking of the title.

H/T Fightful