Dana White’s WWE Comments Spark Fury From Ex-UFC Star

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WWE and UFC are now under the same parent company and it seems the door is anything but forbidden for fighters that want to make the leap to pro wrestling.

Speaking ahead of his fight with Rodrigo Nascimento, UFC’s Derrick Lewis claimed he’s been in talks with WWE for a “few months,” sparking speculation he could be about to try his hand at pro wrestling.

Following Lewis’ TKO victory over Nascimento, UFC boss Dana White was asked about the star’s comments, and whether a series of crossovers could be on the way. White revealed he didn’t know Lewis had been talking to WWE, but he had no problem with such crossovers. He even took a shot at Vince McMahon for good measure:

Well, I didn’t know that, but yeah, I would do anything for Derrick Lewis. I really like Derrick Lewis a lot, so. Listen some of the some of the fighters who fight here have always dreamed about doing a WWE match or whatever it is. I don’t have a problem with that. I mean, I didn’t have a problem with that when Vince was consistently f*cking me for no reason and now that that’s not the case anymore I obviously would absolutely do it.

Dana White’s WWE Comments Caught The Ear Of Ex-UFC Star

Former UFC fighter turned NJPW wrestler Tom Lawlor gave his less-than-impressed take on White’s comments on social media, simply writing “L O f*cking L.” Speaking on Filthy Four Daily, Lawlor explained why he was less than impressed with White’s statement after being told to back off from his own foray into wrestling while still an active UFC fighter:

I was set up to manage reDRagon, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly against The Young Bucks of all people. The Young Bucks who, in retrospect have done pretty well for themselves as businessmen. I was inserted into that feud and I managed reDRagon in a two-out-of-three falls match at War of the Worlds. Ring of Honor against New Japan Pro Wrestling War of the Worlds 2014. Probably the best match on the show.

Lo and behold, I was asked to continue to manage in Ring of Honor. I did such an admirable job that I was asked to come back. TMZ got word of this, they actually put out a few articles mentioning me being a wrestling manager, mentioning me working for Ring of Honor. And then, one morning me and my management we get a call from a man, who if you can find him I’m sure there’s a lot of people that would love to talk to this guy, either he’s in hiding in an arcade or his basement somewhere.

[UFC Matchmaker] Joe Silva calls up my team and tells me “We highly recommend you do not do this anymore.” While it wasn’t WWE and it wasn’t Vince McMahon f*cking him around in this situation, I was certainly f*cked around in the long run, was told not to do this, not to have my hand in professional wrestling. While, I may add, pretty sure I’m a f*cking independent contractor d*ckheads at Zuffa.

Here I am now, losing on the undercard in tag matches. The other guys who were in that match, lighting it up in AEW, no lie. When I look back at that, I think about what happened on Saturday night [Lawlor lost on a NJPW show], I look at these comments from Dana White, I think about the way my career has gone. Quite frankly, it f*cking sucks.

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