Dana White Says WWE “Hit A Home Run” With Logan Paul

Logan Paul WrestleMania entrance

Logan Paul’s success in WWE has not gone unnoticed and now UFC President Dana White has extolled Paul’s virtues as part of the company.

White will become more closely associated with the wrestling world when the Endeavor takeover of WWE is finalised. Endeavor is the parent company of UFC and purchased the MMA promotion for $4 billion in 2016. As part of the details made public about their impeding acquisition of WWE, it was noted that UFC is now valued at over $12 billion.

Dana White remains President of UFC and Nick Khan will take on that same role in WWE when Endeavor’s sale goes through. Both brands will be part of a larger parent company under Endeavor’s umbrella with Vince McMahon acting as Executive Chairman of that company rather than just WWE.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, it was the wrestling ring rather than the boardroom where Dana White’s interest was concerned as he discussed the show-stealing performances of Logan Paul:

“I mean look at Logan Paul. Have you seen his wrestling? I don’t know jacksh*t about wrestling, but let me tell you want I do know. They hit a f*cking home run with that guy, an absolute home run. He is incredibly talented. He’s an amazing athlete. I was blown away by watching him. So obviously, if you have a scenario where somebody is that good and could go over to the WWE it’s going to happen.”

Logan Paul competed in the second WrestleMania match of his career in Los Angeles when he was defeated by Seth Rollins. Paul has recently signed a new deal with the company but that didn’t necessarily mean that he got a new photo to mark the occasion.

h/t 411Mania