Dana White Says Big Changes Are Coming To WWE Premium Live Events

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WWE will be making some changes.

Since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports entertainment giant has run Premium Live Events on Saturdays, aside from WrestleMania after decades of holding shows on Sundays. However, despite the switch being popular fans, that could be about to change.

Speaking at the post-UFC St. Louis press conference, Dana White said PLEs will be moving back to Sundays, with UFC events being held on Saturdays.

“We already have those dates set up right now where Power Slap goes Friday and UFC goes Saturday. You’re going to see Friday, Power Slap, Saturday, UFC, and Sunday, WWE. You’ll start seeing that stuff too,”

WWE SmackDown Leaving FOX Earlier Than Planned

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that WWE SmackDown will be moving from FOX to USA Network earlier than previously advertised.

The blue brand will now return to USA on September 13th, instead of October. There will also be a “WWE Week” starting on September 9th, where USA will air films from the Fast and Furious franchise starring The Rock, Blockers featuring John Cena, and the Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal documentary.

The news comes after it was revealed that WWE has reached a new agreement with NBCU to keep Raw on USA until January.

NBCU’s original deal for Raw was due to expire in October, making the show homeless until the January move to Netflix, at least in theory. However, the new agreement worth $25 million came after Netflix remained adamant it wouldn’t pick up Raw early.

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