Dana White Recalls Angry Reactions To CM Punk’s UFC Salary


Dana White has looked back at how people went “crazy” when they found out how much CM Punk was earning in UFC.

CM Punk’s time in UFC may have been fairly brief, but he certainly earned well from it. Recently unsealed lawsuit details from 2017 have reportedly revealed that he was paid $500,00 for his initial fight, plus a number of add-ons – which took him straight to the top of the company’s pay structure.

The full amount Punk received from the fight was reported by an expert as being $1,042,736.

A conversation from UFC President Dana White has also been revealed, noting how “crazy” people went over the news.

DW: We had some guy that was – that was paid a certain amount of money and never – oh, the professional wrestler that we brought in. Not Brock [Lesnar], the other one.

Attorney: CM Punk?

DW: Oh, yeah. People went crazy when they saw what he got paid. Even the women.

What Figures Did CM Punk’s PPV Make?

It would seem Punk being paid as much as he was actually worked for the business. The reported buyrate for the event was 450,000, which would mean a revenue of $26,995,500. That would mean Punk’s salary only equated to 4% of the buyrate.

Meanwhile CM Punk has described what it felt like to return to WWE at Survivor Series.