Dana Brooke Fires Back At Seth Rollins After Comment On WWE Raw

dana brooke seth rollins wwe

Dana Brooke is not happy after Seth “Freakin” Rollins took a shot at her while he was on commentary during WWE Monday Night Raw.

The WWE 24/7 Title is mainly considered a joke title these days. It was created in May 2019 with the idea being that the title could be defended any day or any time, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the same thing they did in the Attitude Era when Crash Holly was holding the Hardcore Title. As long as a challenger has a referee nearby, they can try to win the title at any time.

In November 2021, Dana Brooke became the 24/7 Champion for the first time. Over the next year, she has won the title 13 times and held it for a total of 321 days. R-Truth holds the record for most 24/7 Title wins with 53 reigns and has held it for 423 days.

When Vince McMahon was still booking WWE shows prior to his retirement in late July 2022, the title was often featured in comedy segments. Brooke was in skits with the likes of Reggie, Akira Tozawa, Tamina and R-Truth nearly every week. There was even a “wedding” at one point.

Ever since Triple H took over WWE Creative as the Chief Content Officer, the 24/7 Title hasn’t been featured on TV although they do sometimes book it at live events. There have even been referees that have won the 24/7 Title at live events as well.

On the October 24th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, the US Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins was on commentary for a match between his rival Mustafa Ali and Money in the Bank briefcase holder, Austin Theory. While Rollins was complimentary of Theory for most of the match, Rollins also made a joke that Theory won’t successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase while adding that Theory has a better chance of cashing in the briefcase/contract on 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke instead.

Dana Brooke responded to Seth’s comments on Twitter and she responded aggressively to the unwarranted shot taken at her.

“Talk is CHEAP!! I work my ass off every single day & will not tolerate this s**t anymore! I can promise you I am the hardest working WOMAN around, never have I taken off work, always worked through injuries, proved multiple times I can fit any position given & DO IT W/ A SMILE!”

It’s possible that this could be the start of an angle, but it may have just been Rollins being a heel that was making a joke comment to make people laugh.

Rollins attacked Ali after the match, but the resilient Ali came back to fight Rollins by the entrance area. It could be leading to a US Title match with Rollins defending against Ali soon.