Damian Priest Discusses WWE Injury Scare, Initial Reports After Testing

Damian Priest WWE Clash at the Castle

Damian Priest competed in a World Heavyweight Title match at WWE Clash at the Castle with a foot injury and still found a way to win.

There was a scary moment in the main event of the WWE Clash at the Castle PLE as Damian Priest defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre in Drew’s home country of Scotland.

While McIntyre was out on the floor, Priest ran the ropes, stepped on the rope, and was going to flip over the top onto McIntyre. It’s a match that Priest has done many times in his WWE career, but for whatever reason, he didn’t do it right here and his right leg was trapped between the top and middle ropes. Referee Eddie Orengo tried to free Priest, but he couldn’t do it.

McIntyre had to help Priest out of the ropes because he commented that he couldn’t win the World Title unless he pinned or submitted Priest, which is true.

The match continued with Priest limping around on his injured right leg and he did the best he could. The finish saw CM Punk hit McIntyre with a low blow after Orengo was knocked out of the ring and Priest hit a South of Heaven slam for the win.

At the WWE Clash at the Castle post-show press conference, Damian Priest was confident that he’ll be fine after suffering the foot injury.

“It feels like trash now. I didn’t even go to medical yet so I could do this and answer your questions so you’re welcome. Docs will check it out but I mean, I ain’t going anywhere. I was able to beat Drew McIntyre with one foot, so I’m pretty sure I’m all good to go.” (H/T F4Wonline)

Triple H, who is WWE’s Chief Content Officer, also commented on what he thought about Priest’s injury.

“I’m really hoping when I leave here I’m gonna get good news because while he is walking around okay now, I’m sure adrenaline is carrying him through that. There is such a fine line between what we do being safe and what we do not being safe.”

What Did WWE Find After Testing Damian Priest’s Right Leg?

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that’s heard from WWE about the testing that was done on Damian Priest’s right leg after the WWE Clash at the Castle match. While there’s no specific injury update, the injury is not as bad as WWE likely feared.

“I actually heard from them and the preliminary news wasn’t bad, they’re actually saying it’s like a miracle. It wasn’t as bad as they feared, but nothing is conclusive.”

The next WWE Premium Live Event is Money in the Bank in three weeks in Toronto on July 6th. Damian Priest may not wrestle at that show due to his injury, but a man lurking in the future is the King of the Ring GUNTHER, who will challenge the World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam no matter who the champion is.

H/T Wrestletalk