Damian Priest & Seth Rollins Agree Huge WWE Match Stipulation

Seth Rollins Damian Priest shake hands

There could be huge changes coming to WWE Raw after Seth Rollins and Damian Priest agreed to a huge stipulation for their World Heavyweight Title match.

For the first time since a hugely emotional WrestleMania 40 weekend, Seth Rollins returned on Raw in Corpus Christi and was quick to explain that the reason he was back was to win back his World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins was set to enter the Money In The Bank ladder match to earn that title shot but Damian Priest went one better.

The World Heavyweight Champion told Rollins he’d give him a shot at the title at the Money In The Bank event instead. Rollins thought this might be a trap involving The Judgment Day but Priest told Rollins the group didn’t know about his decision and the match was made.

Damian Priest Could Be Out Of The Judgment Day

Now on Raw in Indianapolis, it seems Damian Priest is making even more decisions without his group being aware. Priest and Rollins had a back-and-forth in the ring when they came to make a “gentleman’s agreement” for their title match.

If Damian Priest wins then Seth Rollins will not get another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship while Priest is the champion but if Rollins wins the gold, then Priest will have to leave The Judgment Day. Priest agreed to those terms by noting about The Judgment Day “They need me a lot more than I need them.”

The Judgment Day might disagree with that assessment as two members of the group captured the World Tag Team Championship in Raw’s main event.