Dakota Kai Picks Sides After Bayley’s Shock WWE WrestleMania Announcement

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Dakota Kai returned to SmackDown to make it clear to Bayley who she was supporting as Damage CTRL’s problems continued.

Following her monumental victory in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, former WWE Women’s Champion Bayley was set to announce what champion she wanted to challenge at WrestleMania in Philadelphia on the February 2nd episode of Smackdown.

Bayley was frustrated that her Damage CTRL allies, WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY and Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane, were mocking her. This led to Sky, Asuka & Sane attacking Bayley, who fought back thanks to a steel pipe. Bayley would go on to announce she was challenging Sky for her title at WrestleMania 40.

One woman who wasn’t present for that segment was Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai, who returned on Smackdown in Charlotte. While Bayley was in the ring getting cheered by the fans and talking about Damage CTRL’s issues, Kai interrupted to let Bayley know that Kai was getting checked out by a doctor last week.

Dakota Kai tore the ACL in her right knee in May 2023. The typical recovery time for an injury like that is around nine months, which is where Kai is around right now. That means Kai could return to action very soon.

As she explained to Bayley, Kai said that Iyo Sky believed in Damage CTRL’s Bayley, Kai & Sky group up until Asuka & Sane came along. Kai said once Asuka & Sane got in Iyo’s head, it was all over. Bayley wondered why Kai didn’t tell her. Kai said that Bayley, Iyo and her felt like they couldn’t be stopped. Kai said that Bayley has always been a mentor to Kai.

Kai said that the plan was working because Kabuki Warriors won the Tag Team Titles and Bayley won the Royal Rumble, so they had it all. Kai said that she thought the situation with Kairi & Asuka would blow over, but it didn’t. Bayley asked Kai where she stood, which led to an interruption.

Did Dakota Kai Help Bayley?

When the trio of WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY and Tag Team Champions Asuka & Kairi Sane approached Bayley, Dakota Kai went into the ring with a steel chair. Kai used the chair to prevent Sky, Asuka & Sane from attacking Bayley.

That led to a bit of a staredown between Bayley and Kai while Bayley wasn’t sure if Kai would hit her with the chair or if Kai was protecting her.

It appears that Kai is staying loyal to Bayley for now, but as WWE fans know, sometimes things change.