Corey Graves Claims WWE Star Has Been Typecast Incorrectly

Corey Graves on WWE SmackDown

Corey Graves has tipped several WWE stars to shine in the coming months.

For several years WWE fans would bemoan the differences between how Superstars were handled on the main roster compared to NXT. Despite impressing on the company’s third brand, multiple stars lost their way on Raw and SmackDown with Vince McMahon holding a vastly different opinion on their talent than Triple H.

However, with McMahon consigned to history, Triple H controls the creative reins and several stars have been given a new lease of life.

One star who has benefited greatly from this change of approach is Chad Gable. The Alpha Academy leader has moved away from being used as comic relief and into one of the most prominent positions on Raw, turning heel in the process.

Appearing on Over The Top, SmackDown announcer Corey Graves highlighted Gable’s development and suggested he won’t be the only star to enjoy a renaissance.

“I think you’re going to see more frequently, in the next year-18 months or so, you’re going to see a lot of superstars who came up through the system, through NXT, maybe the Black & Gold NXT days or the earlier days of NXT, who came up to Raw or SmackDown and, let’s just say they weren’t looked at through the same lens as when they were succeeding in NXT. Different set of eyes and different set of hands controlling things.

You’re going to see a few more superstars become more authentic versions of themselves. Perhaps who we thought or someone up top thought they were going to be initially, or early on, and they were forced to detour for one reason or another. It happens. Frequently. Probably more common than getting to succeed at a high level as your authentic self.

Rarely is your final vision where you end up. Gable is a shining example of somebody who was typecast incorrectly for many years. Now, finally, you have a different chef in the kitchen saying, ‘No, we just need to do it differently,’ and boom, here we are talking about how amazing he’s been,”

Chad Gable Will Be Back On WWE Raw

Following the brutal debut of the Wyatt Sicks on Raw, Chad Gable was left bloodied and was initially pulled from his Money In The Bank qualifying match. However, it seems reports of Gable’s demise were premature.

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce has revealed Gable has been cleared to wrestle and will take his place on the June 24th episode. On the show, Gable will tangle with Braun Strowman and Bronson Reed with the winner advancing to Money In The Bank.

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