Cody Rhodes Told By WWE “Don’t Go Online” After WrestleMania 39

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Cody Rhodes was given some unusual yet useful advice as he left WrestleMania 39.

Night Two of WrestleMania 39 was headlined by Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes competing for Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Cody earned the right to face Reigns by winning the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match, entering at #30.

In the weeks leading up to this match, Cody began telling this emotional tale about completing his father’s story, which he vowed to do by winning the one title that Dusty never could, that being the WWE Championship.

Cody managed to convince many people that he was going to win; so when he didn’t, the reaction online was explosive, to say the least.

Many fans praised the match itself but criticized the finish, especially given it was yet another example of Reigns retaining due to interference.

Cody, for his part, expected there to be some backlash to this match result. However, while speaking on the SI Media podcast, Cody didn’t expect fan outrage to be as bad as it was and he was warned by people not to read the reactions people were sharing on social media and elsewhere.

“I was surprised at how pissed people were. A lot of managerial people in the company reached out to me, checking on me, and also reached out to me to let me know, ‘don’t go online. Don’t go online.’

I didn’t even think to go. It’s such an incredibly busy week, there are so many emotions in that experience, I have my family with me, I lost in front of them, which is another level of embarrassment.

Just the fact that they were preparing me or battening down the hatches. ‘This is shaky, people are really frustrated,’ that surprised me. That surprised me a lot.”

Cody Rhodes vowed to try and get another shot the following night on RAW but he ended that night being attacked by Brock Lesnar, with whom he has been feuding ever since.

Those in the company also believe that they made the right decision by keeping the title on Reigns.

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