Cody Rhodes Appears On WWE Raw To Address His Future

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes made an appearance on Raw to provide an update on his plans for 2023.

Cody Rhodes made his triumphant return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 after over five years away from the company. The star was revealed to be Seth Rollins’ mystery opponent for the event and went on to defeat The Visionary. This was the first of three matches between the pair with Rhodes coming out on top every time.

Disaster struck Cody Rhodes when his momentum was halted by a torn pectoral muscle ahead of the third of those matches inside Hell In A Cell in June. Rhodes went on with the match despite the injury being clearly visible as a massive bruise across his chest and arm.

Since overcoming the odds and taking that last victory, Cody Rhodes has been out of action to recover from the torn muscle. On the most recent edition of Raw, the star addressed his future in WWE, saying that when he returns, he wants to pick up where he left off.

“Even though I wasn’t present for a good chuck of the year, what I was able to do, I think, really did register with a lot of the WWE Universe. And I want to pick up right back where I left off, right back in that little kid’s shoes who had the biggest dreams. Because in this time that we’re in, I have an opportunity at making that happen.

“I’m being incredibly vague here, I get it. But I think anyone who is a fan of what we do can read between the lines. There is one thing that I came back for specifically, one thing. And again, a torn pec couldn’t stop me. I couldn’t name anything that can stop me. It has to be done, it needs to be done, and I want to get it done.”

H/T to 411Mania for the above transcription.