Cody Rhodes Recalls Telling WWE – “The Music Has To Stay The Same”

cody rhodes wwe entrance

With adrenaline in his soul, Cody Rhodes made sure to tell WWE he needed to keep his entrance music if he was going to return to the company.

The presentation of Cody Rhodes as a WWE Superstar changed a lot. After starting in the company in his early 20s and leaving after he was known as Stardust, Cody returned as a different man and performer.

In 2019, Cody Rhodes signed with AEW as an Executive Vice President that also wrestled. When his contract expired in 2022, Cody felt like it was time to go back to WWE to try to become the WWE Champion, which is a championship that his legendary father Dusty Rhodes, and talented brother Dustin (aka Goldust) never won.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet on YouTube, Cody Rhodes spoke about his conversation with WWE’s Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard about a possible return.

The song “Kingdom” is performed by the band Downstait, who are friends of Cody and also wrestling fans. The song was with Cody for several years when he was away from WWE. Cody made a point (almost a demand) to have that song with him in WWE too. As Cody told Chris, he was adamant about it.

“The one thing I was really clear about of all things, the music has to stay the same. And the reason the music had to stay the same was the music wasn’t just at AEW. The music was at Ring of Honor, New Japan, every independent I could possibly go to all over the world. That was the music, including the line that I recorded on my iMac in my living room, gosh knows when, the ‘wrestling has more than one royal family.'”

As he continued, Cody Rhodes felt that WWE would take that line out of the song, but they did not.

“For sure they were going to take that out, for sure. No way, somehow, someway, we’ll get there and it says sports entertainment. Like we’ll be dubbed over the wrestling but no, they kept it let it be. And there was a version of my song if I can find it, I’ll send it to you. There was a version of my song that was different, that was an option. And I just thought I think the audience would be really mad.”

“Kingdom is I’ll follow you to the end. we can’t discredit that. We have to, we have to have it. So that was probably the most important piece of ‘okay, we’re gonna bring the nightmare brand as it is, the most important piece is that song.’ I didn’t know it, but I was fighting for it.”

Not only has the song been with Cody Rhodes, but the fans really come alive by singing the song and loudly shouting “WHOA-OH” right on cue when they hear that part of the song.

Cody Rhodes Will Have A Role At NXT’s Great American Bash

While Cody Rhodes will be preparing for his SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar next Saturday, August 5th in Detroit, he will also have a small role in the NXT Great American Bash PLE this Sunday as well.

It was confirmed by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels that Cody Rhodes will be narrating the opening video during the Great American Bash event. It’s fitting because Cody’s dad Dusty came up with the Great American Bash name over 30 years ago, so Cody doing that to honor his father is a great idea.

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