Cody Rhodes Says “No Jealousy” If Somebody Else Beats Roman Reigns

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns staredown

Cody Rhodes won’t be jealous of whoever beats Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The American Nightmare got his shot at the title in the main event of WrestleMania 39. However, he was unable to overcome both Reigns and interference from The Bloodline to “finish his story” and win the title his father, Dusty Rhodes, never held.

Since that match, the dynamics of The Bloodline have changed completely, with The Usos turning on Reigns and defeating their former Tribal Chief and Solo Sikoa at Money In The Bank. In fact, Jey Uso became the first man to pin Reigns in over three years, and is now the next in line to challenge him for the gold.

During a new interview with Uproxx, Cody discussed his feelings about someone other than him defeating Reigns. Rhodes says it will be a huge moment regardless of who achieves the unthinkable, and he will have no jealousy toward Jey Uso or anyone else that gets that accolade.

“I think whoever is in the position who pins Roman Reigns and leaves with the WWE Undisputed Championship, it’s almost a moment that I can’t tell you how that will feel or I can’t tell you how that will look until we see it, because I think it’s just starting to dawn on people how significant it could be.

“If that is Jey Uso, hats off to him, amazing. Not a shred of jealousy in my body. That is as pure and good a man as you can find. If it ended up a situation where I was able to get back and it was me, I wouldn’t be prepared for that onslaught of feeling. Because fans, we feel.”

“This is the Roman era” – Cody Rhodes

From that fan perspective, Rhodes says Reigns’ incredible run with over the last three years is like a “conqueror of old.” According to the star, the Head of the Table has reached a point where wrestling history will remember this as as “The Roman Era.”

“I’m a fan as well, so when I’m watching him and this unbelievable reign that he’s put down, it’s like this conqueror of old. It’s now a time period. Roman has a timeline, essentially. This is the Roman era because of how long he’s held on to these things.

“It will be very significant and, gosh, the man who does it. That man is a special, special person in the record books.”

H/T to Uproxx for the above transcription.