Cody Rhodes Ready To Give Unlikely WWE Title Shot

Cody Rhodes looking into the crowd

Cody Rhodes was prepared to give a surprising name a shot at his newly won title.

Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, bringing an end to The Tribal Chief’s record-breaking 1,316-day reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

One of The American Nightmare’s first media appearances following the win saw him interviewed on The Pat McAfee Show. On the podcast, McAfee brought up an incident from 2021 where Rhodes had claimed the Raw announcer was trying to get a position in AEW, something McAfee denied.

Rhodes admitted that was a “Cody lie” and that, at the time, he was jealous of a match McAfee had in NXT. Although he has since apologised to McAfee for the statement, he still expected him to be in the pro-Reigns camp when he was interviewed ahead of WrestleMania. He had a surprise peace offering in mind at the time, a future title shot. Unfortunately for McAfee, Rhodes didn’t have to make the offer after all.

“I was jealous of a match that he had because he showed superb athleticism. And when I came on here the other day thinking Pat was gonna be all abrasive with The Bloodline love and the Roman and the Tribal Chief and the acknowledgement, and he wasn’t, he was beautiful and generous as you all were.

“But I was ready, in the pocket I was ready to say well, Pat if I win that title on Sunday maybe we wrestle for that championship. We didn’t have to do it though.”

Will Cody Rhodes Bring Back The Winged Eagle WWE Championship?

Cody Rhodes says he will do all he can to bring the fan-favourite Winged Eagle WWE Title belt. The star has previously indicated it is something he would like to do, and now that he is the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, he is hopeful of persuading Triple H to let him make the change.

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