Cody Rhodes Mocks The Rock After WWE SmackDown

Cody Rhodes

The Rock ran his mouth on WWE SmackDown when the blue brand came to Arizona but Cody Rhodes got the last word on the show.

The Rock returned to SmackDown in Glendale, Arizona and it seems time stood still as he berated the crowd over their alleged meth and cocaine use while he used the term “crackhead Karens” to refer to the women in attendance.

In more serious matters, The Rock issues a counter-offer to Cody Rhodes after Rhodes demanded a one-on-one match with the star when he appeared on The Grayson Waller Effect at Elimination Chamber.

Cody Rhodes Didn’t Listen To The Rock

In a video posted on social media, Cody Rhodes is seen addressing the crowd after SmackDown where he had to ask just what The Rock had said earlier in the night:

Okay, what do we do? I’ve never had this happen. Hey, quick question for you. Was Rock here earlier? What did he say? Hey, this is my cousin Berkley. Berkley, you were here the whole time. What did Rock say? What did he say? What did he say about these people? What do they do? [

Berkley tells him The Rock said they do cocaine and meth.] Oh my god! There’s kids here. Oh, Berk, we can’t say that here. Boo Berkley. It has been a wonderful night. I always enjoy coming to SmackDown.

SmackDown also saw the return of a WWE Hall of Famer to the show after they spent several months on the shelf after undergoing surgery.

h/t Fightful