Cody Rhodes On MJF Possibly Joining WWE – “I Want Him To Be Happy”

Cody Rhodes MJF

AEW World Champion MJF is not shy about discussing his future and has promised to be the focal point of the “bidding war of 2024” between WWE and AEW and now Cody Rhodes has shared his thoughts on the star potentially following him across wrestling’s great divide.

MJF and Cody Rhodes were on-screen allies in the early days of AEW as The Salt of the Earth wormed his way into The American Nightmare’s life before turning on him in a heartbreaking fashion.

Since then Rhodes has returned to WWE meanwhile MJF is AEW World Champion although is happy for people to think that his future lies elsewhere, depending on who cuts the biggest check.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on BT Sport, Cody Rhodes was asked if he wants to see his former protege join him in WWE:

“If it makes him happy. I want him to be happy. That’s honestly it. If it makes him happy, I want him to be happy. Also, my career is my thing, right? I have a nice team of people around me, but in the end, it’s mine.

“One thing I’ve noticed about him, his family is very involved in what he does, and I think he’s kind of, even as a young man, is kind of defacto becoming like the patriarch of that. So when that’s the case, you’ve got to take care of all your people too and do right by them. So if it makes him happy to be there, great. If it makes him happy to be here, he just needs to be happy.”

Cody Rhodes added elsewhere in the interview that no AEW stars have asked him about joining WWE which he is thankful for as he describes that as a “morally icky area” for him.