Cody Rhodes Losing At WrestleMania 39 May Cause Fans To Lose Interest Says Kurt Angle

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In the opinion of the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes should have left WrestleMania 39 as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Kurt Angle knows what it’s like to lose a WWE Title match in the main event of a WrestleMania because it happened to him at WrestleMania 19, which was 20 years. However, it was a much different case compared to what happened to Cody Rhodes last week at WrestleMania 39.

In Angle’s case, he was already a multiple-time WWE Champion. As for Cody Rhodes, he kept on talking about how he had to “finish the story” he was on to try to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for the first time.

As Cody Rhodes stated on Monday’s Raw, he had Reigns beaten. Cody Rhodes hit Reigns with the Cross Rhodes neckbreaker two times in a row when he attempted to do the same move for a third time. However, Roman’s “Wise Man” Paul Heyman distracted the referee while Roman’s cousin Solo Sikoa returned to ringside (he was ejected earlier) to hit Cody with a Samoan Spike. Reigns hit a Spear on Rhodes to continue his 950+ days as Universal Champion and over a year as the WWE Champion while Cody was left dejected in the ring.

During the most recent episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” podcast, Angle talked about how this is a different era compared to when some wrestlers had extremely long title reigns.

“I’m not going to beat up on Roman Reigns because he is the man he deserves to be. We’re in a time now where if you’re a champion for three years, that’s a little long. It’s just too long. Because we’re not in territories anymore. When you were in territories, you weren’t on TV every week. So fans had to come to see you at the arenas, and you’d only be in that city one day a week.”

“So they only saw wrestling one day a week back then when they were champion for six, eight years. Now Roman Reigns has gone on; it looks like he’s gonna have to hold the title for another few years. The thing is, he’s on TV every week, sometimes twice a week, and then you know, a pay-per-view every month. It’s just a lot.”

While Reigns doesn’t wrestle as often as Angle mentioned above, he does compete in big matches on Premium Live Events, which didn’t exist in the territory era that Angle was talking about.

As he continued, Kurt Angle made the point that Cody Rhodes winning would have made him a megastar and because Cody lost, some fans may lose interest.

“I don’t believe the ratings are gonna go down, but I do believe some people are going to lose interest because they’re not making other wrestlers. You know, Roman has an opportunity to make a wrestler, he could have made Cody into a megastar, which Cody is already a star, but he would have been a mega-star if he won at WrestleMania. That’s just my opinion.”

Angle would then go on to joke that Reigns should beat Bruno Sammartino’s record-long title reign, which would mean Reigns would need to hold the championship for another four more years at least.