Cody Rhodes Shares What “Kingdom” Lyrics Resonate With Him

cody rhodes wrestlemania 39

The lyrics of the song “Kingdom” mean a lot to Cody Rhodes, who explained what part really resonates with him.

It’s fair to say that Cody Rhodes is as popular as ever in 2023. Ever since coming back after a long layoff to win the 2023 Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe has been strongly behind Cody Rhodes.

The ovations for Cody are loud every time he’s at a Premium Live Event like WrestleMania 39 or weekly on Monday nights on Raw.

Once the fans hear Cody say the phrase “Wrestling has more than one royal family” they get fired up because that means the “Kingdom” song is about to begin. They also pop loudly for the “WHOA-OH” parts of the song because that’s just a fun reaction to have in an arena full of people.

That song “Kingdom” was with Cody when he left WWE in 2016 and he used it in other companies as well as well in indy promotions. When he came back to WWE in 2022, Cody made it clear that he wanted to keep the song and the company was fine with that.

What Part of “Kingdom” Really Resonates with Cody Rhodes?

While speaking to Billboard to promote SummerSlam, Cody Rhodes spoke about what song lyrics really resonate with him to this day.

“I think probably the No. 1 [thing] in the lyrics that resonates is the part about following you til the end — in terms of, I was asking fans when I left [WWE], flat out, “Hey, will you go with me?” Doesn’t mean you don’t watch WWE still, but will you go with me to Evolve in Joppa, Maryland in front of 400 people? Will you go with me to NorthEast wrestling? Will you go with me to All-Pro Wrestling?”

“Because as much as these independents are in high-school gyms and in myriads of places, they’re streamed. You can get them, you can see them. I wanted to have fans ride with me. That’s why I created the list of the different opponents that I would want.”

Rhodes also believes that following him until the end is part of his journey to become WWE Champion one day.

“I think that following me until the end has become a genuine [feeling] for those who were onboard and for those who’s just getting onboard tomorrow, or today even. I’m gonna do everything I can to get to the finish — and then of course, who knows what happens after that? Because you mentioned being near the apex of my career — there’s really this one thing that I’m looking to tackle, and what will happen if we’re able to get that chip.”

“But that line about following you until the end sticks with me, because I’m always looking at the people when I hear it in the speakers in the ring, and it’s a very real transaction that we have.”

SummerSlam takes place tonight from Ford Field in Detroit with Cody Rhodes facing off against Brock Lesnar for the third time as he looks to put an end to this rivalry.