Cody Rhodes Set For Huge Rematch On January 8th WWE Raw

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Cody Rhodes didn’t wrestle on the first WWE Raw episode of 2024, but he is set for a big match on the second episode.

The Day 1 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw in San Diego featured some huge matches including Seth Rollins beating Drew McIntyre to retain the World Heavyweight Title and Rhea Ripley retaining the Women’s World Title over Ivy Nile. Meanwhile, Nia Jax got a huge win by beating Becky Lynch cleanly.

As for Cody Rhodes, he wasn’t featured in a match on the show, but he did appear to call out his rival Shinsuke Nakamura.

Cody talked about how on New Year’s Day, people like to talk about their goals of where they want to be in 2024, but he’s a little stuck on Shinsuke Nakamura. Cody explained that he was stuck on Nakamura because this should be over. Cody told Nakamura he would be given an opportunity to finish it tonight.

Shinsuke Nakamura appeared in a video talking (in Japanese with English subtitles) about how he’s going to be the author of Cody’s final chapter. Nakamura said that he whispered the plot in Cody’s ear. Nakamura told Cody he blinded him so he couldn’t see the ending while adding that their story doesn’t end tonight. Nakamura wanted to give Cody one more week to dream. Nakamura said he’ll become what Cody could never be and he will finish Cody’s story.

Later on Raw, WWE announced Nakamura would face Cody on the January 8th edition of Raw. Cody reacted to it on Twitter/X while questioning the image used by WWE.

What Happened The Last Time Cody Rhodes Wrestled Shinsuke Nakamura On Raw?

On the December 11th edition of Raw, Cody Rhodes faced Shinsuke Nakamura in a lengthy match that ended abruptly when Nakamura spit red mist into Cody’s face. The referee saw it and called for the disqualification finish. Since then, Cody has wanted another match with the Japanese superstar.

As for his future post-Nakamura, Cody Rhodes is in the Royal Rumble and appears focused in terms of finishing his story.