Cody Rhodes Reveals What He Kept From Brodie Lee’s Final Match

Cody Rhodes Brodie Lee AEW dog collar match

The pandemic era of pro wrestling will not be fondly remembered by many but it was during that time that the world was treated to the antics in AEW of Mr. Brodie Lee and two hugely memorable matches of his against Cody Rhodes.

AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 saw Cody Rhodes become the first-ever TNT Champion on a show that also saw Mr Brodie Lee challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship.

Rhodes held his title for 3 months before coming up against a Brodie Lee at the peak of his powers backed by The Dark Order. In just over 3 minutes, Lee dismantled Rhodes in a way not seen before to capture the TNT Title.

In October 2020, the two men clashed again in a brutal Dog Collar match that saw Rhodes regain the title and tragically turned out to be the final match of Brodie Lee’s career. Brodie Lee passed away in December 2020 after succumbing to lung disease.

Cody Rhodes Reflects On Brodie Lee’s Magnificent Final Show

Taking to social media in response to a highlight reel of his Dog Collar match with Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship, Cody Rhodes paid tribute to the late star and revealed he’s kept everything he could from that bout:

Brodie gave me a beating and gave the world an incredible and magnificent final show (I kept my collar and his jacket) and all the memories I could salvage Ultimate family man, ultimate pro wrestler

To highlight the bond between Cody Rhodes and Lee’s family, Brodie Lee’s son, best known to AEW fans as Negative One, was in the ring at WrestleMania 40 as part of Rhodes’ celebrations after he defeated Roman Reigns to win the WWE Championship.