Cody Rhodes “Frustrated & Upset” With ROH Following All In

Cody Rhodes, All In

Details have now come to light about the frustrations felt by Cody Rhodes after he won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at All In.

Cody Rhodes became part of the first father and son duo to win the coveted title when he defeated Nick Aldis in September 2018. Aldis was able to become a two-time champion the following month, regaining the belt at NWA’s 70th Anniversary event.

During this time Cody Rhodes was contracted to Ring Of Honor, and it would now appear he wasn’t happy with how he was being treated by the company by that point.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman, Nick Aldis has discussed how there was a difference in the planning required between the two matches, and that ‘The American Nightmare’ was upset by the stance ROH took.

I think that after All In, and when we had the rematch, things were a little more challenging, because by that time, Cody had given his notice to Ring of Honor. And so Ring of Honor were not as willing to give him everything he wanted, because Cody and I wanted to do a trilogy. T

hat basically got shot down after he told Ring of Honor that he was moving on, because they basically said, “Well, we are doing you a favor by allowing you to do these NWA title matches. We’ve already agreed to the rematch in Nashville that’s already sold out, so go ahead and do business and that’ll be the end of it. So I know that Cody was frustrated and upset with that.

Aldis went on to reveal that the pair never had a formal conversation about who was winning each match, as they both knew what the right business decision was.

No one ever said to me ‘Hey, we’d like you to drop the title to Cody. I just understood that was the right thing to do. Obviously when we talked about the rematch and everything, there was an understanding that we were going to trade it back and forth, but no one ever sat me down in a room and said ‘I want you to lose to Cody.’

We did the angle, we worked together, we did the whole thing, I knew what the best outcome was for the fans, and so did Cody. We didn’t need to have a conversation about ‘Will you put me over?’ And we also didn’t need to have a conversation … when it was time for him to do business back the other way. We just understood what was the right thing to do for the audience.

Since his time in ROH ended, Cody Rhodes has also left AEW and now returned to WWE. He is currently sidelined due to long-term injury. Meanwhile, Nick Aldis has recently departed the NWA in acrimonious fashion.