Cody Rhodes On If Dusty Would Be In His Corner At WrestleMania

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Cody Rhodes doubts that his father Dusty would’ve wanted to be in the spotlight alongside his son.

The central theme of Cody Rhodes’ WWE title chase has been him “completing the story” that his father began decades ago. He’s trying to win the one title his father couldn’t and make Dusty proud of his accomplishments.

With all of this talk about Dusty, Cody Rhodes was asked a theoretical question: if Dusty was alive, would he have accompanied his son to the ring and been in his corner during the match?

Cody answered this question on an episode of Stadium Astro and explained that he thinks Dusty would’ve preferred to enjoy such a match in private and not take attention away from the in-ring action.

“I don’t think he would’ve wanted to be in my corner. I think he would’ve wanted to be somewhere private, somewhere, you know, where he could just enjoy it. He really had a great appreciation for what he did already and anytime I tried to drag him out to do something, he would do it for me because he loved me.

But also, he wanted to say goodbye at the right time, and I think that’s why he liked being behind the scenes with what he did at ‘NXT.'”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription