Dustin Rhodes Reacts To Cody Rhodes Winning At Backlash

cody rhodes wwe backlash brock lesnar

Cody Rhodes picked up a massive win at WWE Backlash and his brother Dustin reacted to it in a big way.

The main event of WWE Backlash on Saturday night saw Cody Rhodes face Brock Lesnar in a grudge match just over one month after Cody failed to beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania 39.

Going into the match, Cody Rhodes was looking for revenge against Lesnar, who attacked Cody on the Raw after WrestleMania. Lesnar never explained why he did what he did and the two men were mostly separated for the last month, so Cody had to wait until Backlash to finally get some revenge.

It was an action-packed match right away as Cody attacked Lesnar before the bell with a suicide dive and using steel steps to knock Lesnar. When they got into the ring, Lesnar was able to take control and dominated much of the match with German Suplexes and other moves Lesnar is known for.

One of the key spots in the match was when Cody gave Lesnar a drop toe hold into an exposed steel turnbuckle and Lesnar was bleeding heavily. Cody even wiped some of Brock’s blood on him. Cody would hit the Cross Rhodes twice for a two count and Lesnar came back with an F5 for a two count.

The finish of the match saw Lesnar apply a Kimura Lock submission on Cody’s left arm. While it looked like Cody Rhodes might tap out, he leaned forward and was able to keep Lesnar down in a pinning position as the referee counted to three to give Cody the win.

After the match, Cody Rhodes quickly left the ring while selling his left arm injury and Lesnar was left in the ring to wipe the blood off his face. It could mean another match is coming, but for now Cody has the bragging rights by picking up this victory.

An interesting observer watching the match was Cody’s older brother Dustin Rhodes, who worked for WWE as Goldust on/off for about 20 years before going to AEW four years ago. Dustin reacted with these comments in a tweet.

“If your big star bound it’s a long hard ride. Huge victory!!!

NOW @CodyRhodes

Following last week’s WWE Draft, Cody Rhodes was drafted to the Raw brand, which is where he has been since returning to WWE in 2022. As for Lesnar, he is a free agent that can go between Raw and Smackdown any time he wants.