Cody Rhodes Breaks Silence On WWE WrestleMania Trailer

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has given his immediate reaction to the huge WrestleMania trailer WWE dropped hinting at a huge match on the show.

A huge WrestleMania trailer dropped ahead of the Super Bowl hyping WrestleMania 40. Cody Rhodes will challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship on the show but it seems the trailer has teased another huge match that would see The Rock back in action in a WWE ring.

The trailer shows Roman Reigns and The Rock standing side-by-side staring down both Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins continuing to build the tension between the four men that began at the WrestleMania press conference in Las Vegas.

Many believe the trailer has indicated that the four stars will clash in a huge tag team match that would likely headline night one of the event. It was a tag team match that headlined the first WrestleMania so one on the fortieth edition would prove quite fitting.

Cody Rhodes Stares Down Roman Reigns In New WWE Trailer

Now Cody Rhodes has taken to social media to give his take on the trailer, simply writing:

The Showcase Of Immortals 40 years of #WrestleMania

Should the expected tag team bout take place it will mean two matches in two nights for at least three of those involved in the action. Rhodes and Reigns is the presumed main event of night two where many fans will hope Cody Rhodes finally finishes his story.

Seth Rollins will also defend his World Heavyweight Championship, however, as he will face the winner of an Elimination Chamber match in Philadelphia.