Cody Rhodes Branded A Mistake By The Rock On WWE SmackDown

Cody Rhodes

The Rock ran his mouth a little too long for Cody Rhodes on WWE SmackDown as The People’s Champ ate a big slap to the face.

The Rock has acknowledged Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief but seems to have let the power from his new role as a TKO board member go entirely to his head.

On SmackDown in Dallas, Texas, Cody Rhodes and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins turned up to answer The Rock’s huge challenge to a WrestleMania tag team match pitting Rhodes and Rollins as unlikely partners against The Bloodline.

The Rock told Rhodes and Rollins that as a member of TKO’s Board, he’d make sure The American Nightmare would never get another shot at Reigns’ WWE Universal Championship after WrestleMania 40 while he’d simply get rid of Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship.

The Rock Returning To WWE Ring Against Cody Rhodes

Seth Rollins had heard enough and told The Rock they accepted the challenge for WrestleMania meaning that The Rock will team with Roman Reigns to face Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. If Rhodes and Rollins win, The Bloodline will be banned from ringside for Rhodes’ title match with Reigns but if The Rock and Reigns win then it will ‘Bloodline Rules’ in that match meaning that the group can do pretty much whatever they want.

The Rock got personal with Cody Rhodes telling him he was a mistake as he had been born “twenty years” after his siblings. That comment saw Rhodes deliver a vicious slap to The Great One.

As Rhodes’ sister Teil pointed out on social media there is only a three-year age gap between them. AEW star Dustin Rhodes is sixteen years older than his younger brother while Rhodes’ other sister Kristin was also born during Dusty Rhodes’ first marriage.

The Rock’s oldest daughter Ava is the current General Manager of NXT while his two other daughters have quite the age gap from their older sister proving that heels will always twist the truth in wrestling.