CM Punk’s Lawyer Lifts Lid On Relationship After AEW Exit

CM Punk on the mic in AEW

CM Punk and Ace Steel’s lawyer has spoken on their exit from AEW.

Stephen P. New is known in the pro wrestling world due to his association with Jim Cornette, having been a guest on the veteran manager’s podcast. A lesser-known role New has played over the past year is acting as the legal representative of CM Punk and Ace Steel.

Discussing his relationship with the men on House of Kayfabe, New explained how he became their legal representative following the infamous events that saw CM Punk and Ace Steel become involved in a brawl with The Elite backstage at All Out 2022.

“About two months [after All Out]. Representing someone else, who shall remain unnamed. That started the day after Brawl Out. A couple of months later, CM Punk got my phone number, texted me, and was just able, from that point forward…Punk had a legal team already. Ace Steel, not so much. We talked about different things. I’m greatly limited what I can say, just like Ace was on another podcast.

“What I would like to say, from all of that, those two are two of the most stand up, greatest guys that I’ve ever known, particularly around the pro wrestling industry, which can get a little carny at times.

“Both of those guys are straight shooters. Both of those guys are honest to a fault. Both of those guys are loyal, fiercely loyal, to one another and the people within their camp.

“It became readily apparent that we were going to be good friends and that I could provide an outsiders perspective on what they had to deal with and some legal expertise as someone who has had this connection to the pro wrestling business, both as a fan, I understand this stuff. I know who the personalities are and from representing other folks, I had some information that hadn’t been previously known, let’s say.”

New had some problems with dealing with AEW’s lawyers in the beginning due to his association with Cornette, but the two sides got better working together over time.

“It got better with time. I will say this. It got better with time because, at first…when AEW started, Cornette was calling Orange Cassidy ‘my little dog pockets.’ Cornette was calling Joey Janela, ‘Jelly’ and otherwise taking a crap over AEW.

“I don’t think that set well with people at AEW, including the legal team. When situations arose, and we had many, and I had to deal with AEW’s legal team, I think they thought I was an extension of Cornette. They treated me, at first, like I was an avatar of Cornette, particularly where Janela was concerned.”

“The relationship improved tremendously, the longer it went on, and I think that was because, as I treated them with respect, they treated me with respect, even when we were in some, I mean really hairy and dicey situations.”

After Punk and Steel returned to the company, New continued his working relationship with the pair, although he couldn’t disclose in what capacity.

“The relationship remained and it was an ongoing relationship, and that’s about all I’m comfortable saying. It was an ongoing relationship so they had me at their disposal if needed.

Was Stephen P. New Involved In The End Of CM Punk’s AEW Run?

When CM Punk had an altercation with Jack Perry at All In at Wembley Stadium, London, New was once again on hand.

“Of course. It’s no different with that situation than anything else. I’ll always be a phone call away for those guys. No matter what. No matter where, no matter what. I’m a phone call away.”

When it comes to CM Punk being fired from AEW over the incident, New says he was more involved with Ace Steel’s departure from the company, which came sometime later.

“Ace more so than Punk.

“To take us home here, Ace Steel is a legitimate sweetheart, just the greatest guy. His love for this business knows no bounds. He worked with Harley Race in Harley’s later years. It’s guys like that, that he holds in the highest esteem.”

New finished by praising Punk and Steel, and says he is still a phone call away.

“Ace Steel and CM Punk are real. They are the realest of the real. You never had to guess what’s on their minds, they’re going to tell you what’s on their mind. My Grandma had a saying, ‘Plain talk is easily understood.’

“That’s how I feel every time I talk with Ace Steel or CM Punk. Plain spoken, get to the point, don’t have to guess what they’re thinking or anything like that. That’s why I’ll always be a phone call away.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.