CM Punk Fought Against WWE Writers Over Disparaging Line About Mick Foley

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Mick Foley has recalled working with CM Punk in WWE and Punk refused some of the suggestions by WWE writers due to the respect that Punk had for Foley.

In 2012, Mick Foley returned to WWE after a run with TNA Wrestling and even though Foley was retired as a wrestler, he was still great at doing promos. Foley is not just known for being a guy that took crazy bumps in the ring, but for also delivering some of the most legendary promos ever.

CM Punk is another guy that is gifted as a talker. Like Foley, whether he was a good guy or bad guy, Punk always knew what to say and how to say it.

There was a point in 2012 when the plan was for Mick Foley to lead a team against CM Punk’s team at Survivor Series with WWE announcing them as the team captains at the time. However, plans changed since Punk was the WWE Champion, so he was out of the captain’s role and replaced by Dolph Ziggler.

On a recent episode of his Foley is Pod podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer told a story about how Punk refused to insult Foley using a line given to Punk by a writer. It was a fat joke about how Foley resembled a float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but Punk refused to do it.

“[Punk] looks at the guy and goes, ‘This is Mick Foley. He’s one of the best wrestlers of all time. We know he’s heavy, I’m not gonna go there, that’s cheap heat.”

Foley added that working with Punk and Paul Heyman (who was paired with Punk at that time in 2012) helped Foley get his confidence back.

“In large part because of Punk, I start to regain my sense of confidence in my ability to cut promos. It’s not in fashion right now, but you need to point out the fact that he lifted people’s games in ways you wouldn’t expect.”

Elsewhere on his podcast, Foley also revealed that he would say no to a WWE return if asked due to “neurological, muscular and skeletal damage” that he is dealing with in his life.

H/t to Wrestling Inc