CM Punk Should Be Fired According To Ex-WWE Star

CM Punk

A former WWE personality has called for CM Punk to be fired from AEW after his explosive outburst at the post-All Out media scrum.

Chaos ensued after CM Punk unleashed verbal volleys at everyone from Colt Cabana to Hangman Adam Page to The Young Bucks at the post-All Out press conference. Things spiralled from there with reports suggesting The Bucks and Kenny Omega got into a physical altercation with CM Punk and his friend and AEW producer, Ace Steel.

Everyone involved in the melee has been suspended by the company pending an investigation with Punk also being stripped of the AEW World Championship and The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega forced to vacate the AEW Trios Championship.

Many in the wrestling world have had their say on the events and now former WWE manager Dutch Mantell has commented on the situation, calling for CM Punk and everyone else involved to be fired on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell:

“If this were to happen in a regular company they’d all have been fired. They have to be fired. But now wrestling is different than a regular company you need these people they have more TV time than anybody else and all of a sudden you’re going to fire them for them not being able to control themselves?”

“I would go farther than firing them, I mean if I’m going to not to say fire ’em but if I’m going to suspend them, I’m going to suspend them and fine them about 20 grand because wrestlers respond to money, that’s the only thing they respond to.”

h/t Sportskeeda