CM Punk Responds To WWE Star’s Tribute

CM Punk

CM Punk has not missed Grayson Waller apparently paying tribute to him as rumours of a WWE return continue to swirl.

Ever since CM Punk was publicly fired by Tony Khan from AEW, the possibility of a stunning return for the star to WWE has hung heavy in the air. Reports have suggested WWE has been clear that CM Punk is not set to return in the near future as the company does not want to raise expectations for Survivor Series WarGames in Punk’s hometown of Chicago.

However, some WWE stars just can’t help themselves and Grayson Waller caused a stir when he referenced Punk’s famous pipe bomb promo following a stint at the commentary desk. On social media, Waller borrowed a line from Punk’s historic 2011 promo when he noted that “Even on commentary, nobody can touch me.”

CM Punk responded to Waller’s use of the line with a kiss emoji, showing that he recognised the apparent tribute being made to him.

What Is CM Punk’s WWE Pipe Bomb Promo?

Ahead of his Money In The Bank match with John Cena for the WWE Championship, CM Punk sat at the top of the entrance ramp on Raw and laid bare his frustrations with the company.

Punk mentioned Paul Heyman who was then out of the company, waved hello to his former friend Colt Cabana, and referred to Triple H as Vince McMahon’s “doofus son-in-law” as the WWE Universe’s collective jaw dropped. The promo ended when Punk’s mic was cut off as he mentioned McMahon and WWE’s anti-bullying campaign. But by then, history had been made and the most well-remembered promo in modern times was in the books.