CM Punk Recalls What It’s Like Receiving A Huge Crowd Reaction

cm punk aew rampage debut salute

When it comes to receiving a big ovation from a crowd, CM Punk knows what it’s like and he recently tried to describe that feeling.

During his legendary career as a pro wrestler, CM Punk has been a World Champion in promotions like WWE, AEW and Ring of Honor among others.

In WWE, CM Punk was a five-time WWE World Champion that spent plenty of as a babyface, but he was also booed a lot as one of WWE’s greatest heels as well. When Punk left WWE in January 2014, he was still a top guy in the company.

When Punk debuted in AEW in August 2021 on Rampage, it was wisely booked in Chicago (CM Punk’s hometown) in front of a sold out arena that gave Punk a huge ovation. That’s because it was his first time on a major pro wrestling in over seven years, so of course the fans wanted to see him.

That appearance on the first episode of Rampage was one of the loudest reactions Punk ever got in his career, but perhaps the loudest was at WWE Money in the Bank.

Money in the Bank 2011 was another Chicago show. CM Punk’s WWE contract was legitimately up and he signed an extension that night. Punk would go on to beat John Cena to win the WWE Championship in front of a raucous crowd. After the title win, Punk left through the crowd because the story was about whether he was going to stick around for the future.

“The people of Chicago have been so loving” – CM Punk

CM Punk was recently interviewed by 670 The Score in Chicago, who asked him about some of the loudest crowd reactions he has felt in his career.

“I’m fortunate. It’s been actually more than once. I think I’ve had what a lot of people would describe as once-in-a-lifetime situations and I’ve had those multiple times.”

“I think the last time…like I’ve been sitting behind the curtain when my music hits in Chicago and then I can no longer hear the music, and I’m looking around and people are like ‘Go, go’ and I’m like ‘Are they playing Cult of Personality?’ So the people in Chicago have been so loving and always so loud that it drowns out the sound system in an Arena.”

During that same interview, CM Punk downplayed the possibility of appearing at WWE Survivor Series in Chicago on November 25th. As they say in pro wrestling, never say never.

CM Punk’s Money in the Bank 2011 entrance is on WWE’s YouTube channel with nearly 14 million views.