CM Punk References Edited Out Of AEW All Access

CM Punk makes entrance

The backstage fight between CM Punk and The Elite at All Out in 2022 is the stuff of wrestling folklore but Tony Khan doesn’t want the story to be told.

Punk and The Elite got into it after blasting several of his colleagues at the post-show press conference just minutes after he regained the AEW World Championship.

CM Punk’s name has only recently been mentioned on AEW television with the expectation being that he is set for a return to the company in the summer. However, AEW programming was originally meant to discuss The Elite’s issues with the former WWE star albeit not mentioning him by name.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that interviews were filmed with The Elite regarding the incident for the reality-based All Access show but these ended up on the cutting room floor:

“They did interviews. They talked about it. They never mentioned Punk’s name because they weren’t allowed to mention his name, but they did interviews to beat around the bush on the story. Even that was edited out because of the fear of legal reprisal.

“The biggest issue isn’t even necessarily Tony, and it isn’t most of the guys. It is the legal threats and because of what those are, Tony is playing it very careful to the point of no one mentioning it. On the reality show, CM Punk’s name was never mentioned once. I knew they would never talk about the thing, but they didn’t even allude to anything close to it.”

CM Punk looks set to be the centerpiece of the company’s new Saturday night Collision show which is expected to be announced on Wednesday 17th of May.