CM Punk Draws Attention To AEW Devil Rumours

CM Punk devil

The Devil is not letting people forget he exists in AEW as he continues taking out stars in the company and CM Punk isn’t shying away from the rumours surrounding who’s under the mask.

Famously MJF first donned the grey devil mask in AEW when he returned at All Out 2022 to claim an AEW World Title shot before revealing he was the one under the mask after CM Punk won the championship from Jon Moxley. However, a match between Punk and MJF for the title never took place due to the backstage fight between Punk and The Elite which led to Punk being stripped of the gold.

The Devil has re-emerged in recent weeks in AEW attacking both Jay White and most recently The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn after they partnered up with MJF to take on Bullet Club Gold. As rumours swirl about who is wearing the mask now, some are suggesting the unthinkable could happen.

CM Punk was fired by AEW after another backstage altercation at All In but despite that, some have been suggesting that Punk is the one portraying The Devil.

CM Punk Stirs AEW Devil Rumours

Taking to Instagram, Punk shared a photo of The Black Scorpion from WCW with the caption “Who was behind the mask?” On that occasion, the man behind the mask was Ric Flair – so perhaps Punk is suggesting Flair could be under The Devil mask in AEW.

CM Punk Black Scorpion Instagram

Or, just maybe, Tony Khan and CM Punk could have masterminded the biggest wrestling swerve since Vince Russo went down a ski slalom doing the Prince Nana dance while singing Swerve Strickland’s theme song and it is Punk himself who is the Devil himself.