CM Punk Branded A Hypocrite By Surprising WWE Star

CM Punk frown

CM Punk has been called a lot of things over the years but now one surprising WWE star has branded him a hypocrite.

CM Punk has been hailed for casting a positive light in the locker room by one WWE NXT star but maybe not everyone is so positive about the former WWE Champion.

At NXT Battleground, Roxanne Perez defeated TNA’s Jordynne Grace to retain her NXT Women’s Championship but she was very lucky to pick up that win. At one point in the match, Tatum Paxley appeared, taking Grace’s TNA Knockouts Title belt. However, she was quickly stopped by Ash By Elegance who was making her first WWE appearance since being fired by the company in September 2023.

Grace clocked both women with her title but the distraction allowed Roxanne Perez to end up hitting Grace with Pop Rocks for the win.

Roxanne Perez Not Interested In CM Punk’s Advice

After the match, Roxanne Perez spoke in a digital exclusive where she claimed it was no surprise that she held onto the gold:

Are you surprised? Tell me right now, are you surprised? Of course you are, aren’t you? Because everybody was surprised. But why? Why? I’m The Prodigy. There’s no one like me.

However, Perez was quickly shut down by CM Punk who reminded the champion that she had gotten very lucky in her match:

Hold up, just calm down one second. I’m sorry to bust in here. Listen, you’re the champion for a reason. You’re head and shoulders above all these women here. You’re head and shoulders above all the TNA Knockouts. But tonight, you got lucky. I need you to focus on this. I need you to be who you are, I need you to be The Prodigy. You don’t need anything else.

Rather than listen to Punk, Perez quickly shrugged his advice off as she quipped:

Thanks for the advice. What a hypocrite, huh?

CM Punk has been warned about what might happen to him by Drew McIntyre if he decides to get involved in McIntyre’s World Heavyweight Championship match at Clash at the Castle on June 15th.

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