CM Punk Declares He Is Back Home In WWE

cm punk wwe raw promo november 27

CM Punk main evented Monday Night Raw to say “I’m Home” now that he’s back in WWE.

For the first time in nearly ten years, CM Punk was given a live microphone on WWE Monday Night Raw. It was the main event segment of the show that ran for about eight minutes.

The show took place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville just two nights after Punk made his surprising return at Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago. That return was the first time Punk has been in a WWE ring since January 2014, which is nearly ten years ago.

During his promo on Raw, five-time WWE World Champion CM Punk remarked that it looked like hell froze over. Punk said that lately he’s been feeling like himself ever since Saturday, which was a career highlight.

When discussing what he wanted to say, Punk said that he has come to two words and he’s a bit scared of how true they are. He said it doesn’t sound like CM Punk, but he’s changed. Punk said that an American Dream (Dusty Rhodes) taught him that as long as you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong because it’s the truth. Punk said this is the truth: “I’m Home.” The fans loved that.

CM Punk said that he came back to this familiar place because this has made him feel at home. Punk said he’s been gone for ten years and you people never forgot him. Punk said that the people watching at home and people in the building never stopped chanting his name, which led to yet another “CM Punk” chant. Punk thanked the fans saying he heard you. That support from the fans is why he’s back and he said he loved the fans.

The promo continued with Punk admitting that he wished he had to say that he never had to leave. Punk spoke about how the Wise Man (a Paul Heyman reference) told him that in order to get everything he needed out of this place he had to leave and come back. Punk said that the Wise Man was right.

WWE Return Felt Like A Family Reunion To CM Punk

As he continued, Punk said that it felt like a family reunion. Punk said that there were a lot of hugs backstage and even some people kissing him too. Punk would go on to say that there have been a lot of people asking how AJ (Lee) is doing and Punk said that AJ is fabulous and sends her regards.

Punk said that everybody has welcomed him back with open arms…while stopping himself to say “almost everybody.” He did not name names. Punk said that they are afraid of the truth. The former WWE Champion said that the competition here is the best in the world, but the “Best in the World” (himself) hasn’t been here for ten years.

While referencing his doubters, the Straight Edge Superstar said that they are afraid that the most dangerous, most controversial and feared man just walked through the door and they can’t do anything about it. Punk spoke about being the Best in the World and referenced what he said in that famous July 2011 promo about being the best in the world in this ring, on this microphone and even on commentary.

Punk said that the best in the world is back standing in the ring, live in living color and his name is…the fans chanted “CM Punk” right on cue.

That’s when Punk’s “Cult of Personality” song by In Living Colour played to end it. Punk spoke into the camera saying he was back while adding that he was not here to make friends, he was here to make money. That was it.

The entire CM Punk promo was posted to WWE’s YouTube channel as well.