CM Punk Labelled “B+” Talker By Ric Flair

CM Punk cutting a promo

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has commented on the possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE and has an interesting take on Punk’s promo skills.

Ric Flair has had more memorable promos than some wrestlers have had matches with The Nature Boy always in the conversation regarding the best talker in wrestling history. CM Punk is someone else who is often named in that discussion but Flair might not be so sure.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair addressed the possibility of the former AEW World Champion returning to WWE amid uncertainty over his AEW future with Flair saying he doesn’t think Punk was all that he was cracked up to be the first time around:

“In this day and age, I can see anything. I mean that was very heated. I wasn’t there during all that and as I’ve said before, I only know him to say hi, but that lawsuit with the doctor and all that I don’t know that’d be, I don’t know how the guys would handle that. I don’t think he was a candidate for wrestler of the year when he was there. I think he thought he was better than John Cena which is not, absolutely not the truth, as far as being the face of the company.”

Flair’s co-host Conrad Thompson suggested that CM Punk was a good promo but Flair suggested he doesn’t rate him as highly as others – and even less so if Punk doesn’t write his own material:

“If I knew how he got it together, if I spent more time with him, I could give you a better opinion. If it’s something they’ve handed him to memorise, I don’t give it a D+. If it’s something that he thought up on his own, I give him a B+. Well, he’s [Punk] a good talker.”

h/t Inside The Ropes