Claudio Castagnoli Says Bryan Danielson Wants To End Career On His Terms

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Claudio Castagnoli has spoken up about how his good friend Bryan Danielson wants to end his career as a wrestler.

The Blackpool Combat Club in AEW consists of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta. Three of the four guys are close in age while also spending many years together in WWE and Yuta is a guy in his late 20s that’s learning from his allies.

In the case of Castagnoli and Danielson, they are one year apart in age (Claudio is 43 this year while Bryan is 42) and while Danielson started with WWE in 2010, Castagnoli started there in 2011. Both guys ended up spending about the same amount of time in WWE before choosing to go to AEW when they were free agents.

Recently, Bryan Danielson made it known that he has about one year left on his AEW contract and he promised his daughter that he would be wrestling less by her seventh birthday. What that means after his deal is up is unknown, but Bryan has also said he’s not going to be a guy that will have some formal retirement.

As most wrestling fans know, Bryan lost about three years of his career from 2015 until early 2018 due to concussion issues when he was finally able to compete again. Over the last five years, Bryan has had one of the best runs of his career between his Daniel Bryan days in WWE and the Bryan Danielson run in AEW.

Claudio Castagnoli believes Bryan Danielson wants to end his career on his own terms

As one of Bryan Danielson’s best friends in pro wrestling, Claudio Castagnoli knows the American Dragon very well. In Claudio’s opinion, Bryan deserves to end his career how he wants. That’s what Claudio told Baby Huey of In The Kliq on 1077 The Bone.

“I’m close with Bryan. We talk a lot, just about wrestling, but life in general. Bryan had an absolute miracle career. As you know, people counted him out so many times, and he came back from things that normal people probably wouldn’t. So, for him to call it on his own terms and end his career whenever he wants to, I think that’s very important to him, and he deserves that.”

“So, whenever he decides that enough is enough, he will do so, but I also think you have to very much pay attention to how he worded it.

Claudio Castagnoli will put his ROH World Title on the line tonight at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam against his rival Eddie Kingston, who will put his NJPW Strong Openweight Title in a Title vs. Title match.

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