CJ Perry Shares Gruesome Aftermath Of Surgery (PHOTO)

CJ Perry AEW Hey EW

CJ Perry has shared an update on her infected finger that needed surgery and you have been warned now dear reader, that it is absolutely horrific.

The former Lana was forced to miss AEW Collision on Saturday night in Garland, Texas as she faced a trip to the emergency room. CJ Perry revealed an infection in her finger had spread through her arm causing her to seek medical help.

Taking to social media, CJ Perry shared a video of herself in the hospital wolfing down some Jell-O while explaining that she was taken there by ambulance and wrote:

I have been in the hospital since Saturday fighting a fatal infection that came from getting a small splinter backstage at work this past Wednesday. Please keep me in your prayers. And everyone really take care of any cuts you get. As small as a splinter can turn into a deadly infection. Love all of you guys and thank you to everyone who has reached out. ❤️❤️❤️

CJ Perry Shares Post-Surgery Photo

Now in another update, Perry has shared a photo of her infected finger post-surgery and this really is your last chance to go and look at something else that won’t make you dry heave or read about the major AEW star out indefinitely due to illness.

CJ Perry finger

It remains unknown how long Perry will have to miss AEW TV as a result of the infection.