CJ Perry On Miro – “Should I Listen To Him?”

Miro CJ Perry

CJ Perry asks wrestling fans whether she should listen to her husband Miro’s demands.

At AEW All Out on September 3rd, Miro faced off in a match against Powerhouse Hobbs. The bout was a hard-hitting affair, and in the end, The Redeemer was victorious when Hobbs was forced to tap out to Game Over.

After the bout, Hobbs offered a hand of respect to Miro and the former TNT Champion accepted. However, when Miro turned his back, Hobbs attacked his opponent. Unfamiliar music began playing in the arena, and the words “Hot & Flexible” appeared on the tron as CJ Perry made her first appearance in All Elite Wrestling.

After taking time to pose and wave to the crowd, the former Lana took off her shoes and charged into the ring, hitting Powerhouse Hobbs with a chair in an attempt to help her husband. However, when Hobbs exited the ring, The Redeemer did not thank his wife; instead, he stared coldly at her, leaving her confused as to why her actions weren’t appreciated.

Posting on Instagram days after her AEW debut, Perry shared a short video of herself and her husband with the following caption:

“@tobemiro forsaken me again ??? Miro made it clear to me that a wife’s role is to cook, clean and listen ??? Should I listen to him ???? Please share your thoughts and opinions in comments ??? My mood currently 🥵🤬😡🥶”

For what it’s worth, the former Rusev is listed as a collaborator on the Instagram post.

Is CJ Perry Signed To AEW?

Despite her appearance at All Out leaving fans to wonder what’s in store for the couple, Perry is not currently signed to All Elite Wrestling. During a media scrum after the event on September 3rd, AEW President Tony Khan had this to say about working with the star:

“I think it’s great to have CJ here. It’s not a long-term guaranteed thing or anything, but at least for tonight it was great to have her appearing with us, and I thought it was a great surprise.” (h/t WrestleTalk)