Christian Cage Set For Huge TNT Title Match At AEW Worlds End PPV

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Christian Cage has accepted the challenge issued to him for a TNT Title match at the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view.

When Christian Cage put the TNT Title on the line on the December 6th episode of AEW Dynamite in Montreal, he defeated his lifelong best friend Adam Copeland with a shocking assist from Shayna Wayne.

The conclusion of the match saw a referee bump take place, which led to Shayna making her presence felt with a TNT belt shot to Copeland’s head. Cage took advantage, stomped on Copeland’s head and got the cheap win.

On AEW Collision on December 16th, Adam Copeland was featured in a video promo issuing this challenge.

“I could complain, make excuses about how it all went down, but at this stage of my career, no-one needs excuses. I should be prepared for every scenario, I’ve seen it all.”

“There’s another thing I took away with me from Montreal. When I was forced to retire in 2011, that’s the last time that I had gold and getting that close to it, almost tasting it, I realised I miss it. See, there’s very few within this industry that can even scratch my championship pedigree and I want to add to it, remind everyone exactly who the hell I am.”

“So Christian, I’m challenging you at Worlds End, Nassau Coliseum, no excuses, a No Disqualification match. I’m gonna beat you, I’m gonna be the new TNT Champion.”

What Did Chrisitan Cage Say On AEW Collision?

On AEW Collision in San Antonio, Christian Cage stood in the ring with his “son” Nick Wayne and Nick’s mother Shayna, who has pledged her loyalty to Christian.

While speaking on Collision, Shayna said this about Christian Cage: “The one person who loves and cares for my son as much as I do is the ‘Patriarch’ Christian Cage.”

That led to Christian Cage answering Copeland’s challenge.

“Adam Copeland is a piece of crap. Shayna worked as a waitress just to put food on her plate and to help make her son’s dream come true to make it as a pro wrestling. But with one swing of the chair, you took that dream away, Copeland.”

“If anyone should know better, it’s you, Copeland, as you grew up with a single mother. I wish your mother were still alive, Adam, so I could watch your mother disown you.”

“You’ve never been able to harness your anger. I scored that night, and then scored when I walked out with Mother Wayne. And now that my family is complete, I’ll address the challenge that you made, when you challenge me for Worlds End in a No Disqualification Match.”

“Adam, I’ll accept your invitation for a fight at Worlds End. But I will not accept your challenge because you are no challenger. I already beat you. And I am levels above you. I stand on the mountain top as the very best in this sport. And I am going to take you behind the shed and put you down for the last time!”

The match was made official by AEW’s Owner, CEO and GM Tony Khan.