Christian Cage Gets Surprising Assist On AEW Dynamite

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Christian Cage got some help in his latest TNT Title defense on AEW Dynamite.

There was a huge grudge match in the main event of AEW Dynamite in Montreal as Christian Cage defended the TNT Championship against his lifelong best friend Adam Copeland.

It was a matchup between two men who each recently turned 50 years old and they have been best friends for 40 years. They grew up together, started wrestling together, became legends in WWE together and now they are bitter rivals in AEW because Christian refuses to reunite their legendary tag team.

The match between Cage and Copeland was very competitive throughout the nearly 20 minutes they were given. Copeland controlled the action early on until Cage took control in the second.

At one point, Cage hit his Killswitch (aka Unprettier) finishing move, but it only got a two count.

It was shortly after that when the controversial finish was about to take place. Cage charged for a Spear, Copeland moved and when Copeland moved, he bumped into referee Bryce Remsburg by accident. Christian kicked the referee in the groin to knock him down.

Christian Cage Finds A Way To Retain The TNT Title

After the referee bump, Cage brought the TNT Title into the ring. Cage charged, Copeland avoided it and they each ran the ropes leading to a double Spear to knock each man down.

Shayna Wayne, who is Nick Wayne’s mother, walked down the aisle and went into the ring. She grabbed the TNT Title, took her time thinking about what to do and she hit Adam Copeland in the head with it. Cage was stunned by it as Shayna left the ring.

After that, Christian picked up Copeland and hit a Killswitch for a second time. Christian Cage put Adam’s head on the TNT Title and stomped on the back of the neck. The referee woke up at that point and counted the pinfall to keep the TNT Title on Christian Cage.

Legendary AEW announcer Tony Schiavone called it one of the worst things he has ever seen. Perhaps some fans watching at home might agree with that statement as well.

The reason that Shayna Wayne helping Christian Cage is a surprise is because of all the nasty things that Christian has said about her. However, it was Adam Copeland who injured Nick Wayne on AEW television, so perhaps Shayna did it as revenge for her son.

What matters to Christian Cage is that he found a way to retain his title to continue the 75+ day title reign.