Chris Jericho Appears At Vietnam Pro Wrestling Show (VIDEO)

Chris Jericho AEW

Chris Jericho made an unannounced appearance at a pro wrestling show in Vietnam, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

As one of the biggest names in pro wrestling for over 30 years, former WWE, AEW & ROH World Champion Chris Jericho is a superstar who is known very well all around the world by pro wrestling fans.

Jericho has had a lot of success in North America as one of the greatest WWE stars ever who got his break in ECW, became a bigger star and has spent the last five years in AEW as one of the leaders of that company.

While on a bit of a break from his AEW duties, Jericho made an appearance on Saturday at a Vietnam Pro Wrestling show in Saigon.

This past July, Jericho had Vietnam Pro Wrestling founder Rocky Huynh and English-language commentator Carey Wass as guests on his podcast. That appearance apparently led to Jericho wanting to head to Japan to support the promotion, so that’s what he did.

It was noted by a user on Reddit that Vietnam Pro Wrestling is filming a documentary as a follow-up to the podcast.

Check out the Chris Jericho video on TikTok below showing Jericho’s surprise appearance where he was shown walking in the crowd and being greeted by several people in the ring.


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♬ Judas (Chris Jericho’s AEW Theme) – It Lives It Breathes

What Happened In Chris Jericho’s Last AEW Match?

The last time that Chris Jericho wrestled in AEW was at Full Gear in Los Angeles when he teamed up with Kenny Omega as The Golden Jets against The Young Bucks. It was a match with a lot on the line because if The Golden Jets won then they got the AEW Tag Team Title shot that The Young Bucks have, but if The Golden Jets lost then that meant they couldn’t team together anymore.

That match saw Omega get the win for his team, which means that Omega & Jericho will get an AEW Tag Team Title match in the future. No date has been announced yet.