Chris Jericho & Tony Khan Address AEW Taking Care Of Travel Accommodations

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Chris Jericho and Tony Khan are making it clear that AEW takes care of travel accommodations in better ways than other companies.

In the pro wrestling business, there are certain rules about how the traveling aspect works.

When it comes to WWE North American shows, the company flies the talent to the city they are working (if it’s not within driving distance) and it’s up to the talent to find a way to get to the arena by car as well as finding a hotel to spend the night. For European and other overseas shows, WWE takes care of the travel. In some cases, they do take care of people in North America, but for the most part, it’s up to the talent.

Chris Jericho has been a part of AEW since day one and has said on many occasions that the company’s Owner Tony Khan takes care of the talent when they are on the road. Obviously, AEW has way fewer live events than WWE and are working way fewer dates per month, but it’s still a nice thing for AEW to pay for the travel expenses of their talent whether it’s Chris Jericho or somebody that barely gets TV time.

On Twitter earlier this week, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer responded to a question about travel in the wrestling business: “Overseas it’s taken care of. Domestic they still pay for cars and hotels.”

That led to Tony Khan tweeting this comment while clarifying that AEW invests millions of dollars on travel accommodations.

That’s false Dave. Your statement’s true about other companies but doesn’t apply at all to AEW

AEW invests millions of dollars every year on very good quality hotel rooms + safe transport to take care of our wrestlers.

It’s a huge investment I make on hotels weekly


Chris Jericho has over 30 years of experience in the pro wrestling business including 20 years in WWE, which means he knows a lot about the grueling travel that exists in the pro wrestling business. Jericho has been in AEW for four years, so he felt like chiming in too.

“For the record, @aew is the ONLY North American wrestling company I’ve worked for that has paid for my transportation & hotels consistently for EVERY show I’ve worked for them, since 1996 when Paul E paid for my rooms at the crack hotel in Philly.”

The Paul E that Chris Jericho Jericho was referring to is Paul Heyman, who ran ECW in the 1990s.