Chris Jericho Talks Mike Tyson Doing “Whatever The F*ck He Wants” In AEW

Chris Jericho AEW Mike Tyson

Chris Jericho is not going to tell Mike Tyson what to do.

Jericho and Tyson have a rivalry that goes back to 2010 when the Hall of Famer first delivered a vicious right hand to the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion.

The two former champions would cross paths once again in All Elite Wrestling in 2020, with Iron Mike having a staredown and a second confrontation with Le Champion. The boxing legend would return in 2021, saving Jericho from a beatdown by The Pinnacle.

One week later, Jericho would face Pinnacle member Dax Harwood in singles competition, with Tyson serving as the guest enforcer. The Baddest Man on the Planet neutralised interference from Cash Wheeler to allow the leader of The Inner Circle to be victorious.

Chris Jericho discussed a conversation he had with someone regarding the match on Talk is Jericho. When the individual suggested improvements that could have been made with the use of Tyson, Jericho explained that is not how it works:

Mike Tyson came to AEW, and we got in a fight, and then he became an honorary member of The Inner Circle along with Elvis. I mean, come on, how do you not have Elvis and Mike Tyson in The Inner Circle? And he was kind of roaming around outside. And it was funny because we had done something in the match where I remember somebody was like, hey, you know, it’d been great. If he would have done this and taken a swing then I was like, You guys don’t understand, Mike Tyson doesn’t go over high spots. Mike Tyson doesn’t go over his cues.

Jericho doubled down on his statement that Mike Tyson does not follow instructions, going to praise the match and his rivalry with The Pinnacle:

Mike Tyson does exactly whatever the f*ck Mike Tyson wants. So there’s no real debating about oh, you should duck and give him a punch. It’s like, No, it doesn’t work that way. He’s gonna do whatever he wants to do. So we had a really good match. I only worked with Dax once. Didn’t really even call much. I know, we did the Blood and Guts, I’m talking about a singles match.

We didn’t call much, just really good chemistry. Really good, hard-hitting guy. Cash took a great punch from Mike Tyson outside the ring onto the floor. And just one of those magical matches where you just throw a couple of guys together, and we didn’t throw it together. Obviously, The Inner Circle Pinnacle storyline went over a year, it went, I think it went 366 days. Think about that, that’s pretty cool stuff.

Now over 30 years into his wrestling career, Jericho looks to have another first-time-ever match at AEW All In.

Was Chris Jericho Ever AEW Champion?

Signing with the company since day 1, Jericho reached the top of the AEW mountain at the 2019 All Out pay-per-view, defeating “Hangman” Adam Page to become the inaugural champion. It was at this event that the lead singer of Fozzy would introduce the wrestling world to his latest catchphrase “A little bit of the bubbly.”

In the same episode, Jericho revealed how President Tony Khan was unhappy that a particular match of his did not get a 5* rating from Dave Meltzer.

Jericho has also revealed that there were plans for him to face off against Tyson in a cinematic match, but they could not make it work.

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