Chris Jericho Reveals What He Takes Great Pride In As AEW Wrestler

Chris Jericho AEW

Chris Jericho has done it all in pro wrestling and recently discussed something he takes great pride in as a performer.

At the AEW Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas, Chris Jericho successfully defended the FTW Championship in a triple threat match against former champion Hook and Katsuyori Shibata. The match ended cheaply after Jericho had help from Big Bill and Bryan Keith.

In Jericho’s current AEW persona, he is promoting himself as “The Learning Tree” as a veteran wrestler who takes pride in wanting to teach others.

There was a time in 2023 when Jericho was a babyface, but he is back in the heel role just like he has been for most of his five-year run in AEW.

While talking to KCAL News in Los Angeles, Jericho spoke about evolving as a performer and keeping things fresh.

“It’s amazing. When you have been in the business as long as I have, 33 years, you always wanna evolve and revamp your character. Kind of get some diversity with what you’re doing, so I think reestablishing myself under this Leaning Tree gives you a new vibe, reinvigorates you, and keeps things fresh and fun.”

Chris Jericho Takes Pride In Making People Angry

If you are a Chris Jericho hater, that’s okay with him because the former AEW World Champion takes pride in making people angry.

“The one thing about wrestling, and it’s very important, is you have to understand the concepts of being a good guy and, when it starts getting stale, of being a bad guy. It’s kind of like when people say, ‘It’s like a soap opera.’ In that way, it is a soap opera. You’re a good guy, and then suddenly something happens, and then you don’t like ’em for a while.:”

“You have to be able to read the room on that and know when people hate you. People are really not liking me right now so it’s time to kind of change. And that’s ok, that’s the beauty of wrestling, you can just lean into it. I take great pride in kind of making people angry with things cause that’s what you want to do. You’re playing a character.”

“When Chris Jericho comes on screen in AEW, it’s different from the Chris Jericho you’re talking to right now. That’s the way it should be. A larger-than-life character is kind of what wrestling is all about, and I embrace that wholly.”

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