Chris Jericho Reveals How Sting Showdown Came Together

chris jericho sting aew dynamite

Chris Jericho has revealed how his bat-to-bat encounter with WWE Hall of Famer Sting came to be on Dynamite.

On the 14th of June edition of Dynamite Sammy Guevara was addressing his future in the ring as the seeds have been planted for a babyface turn for the former TNT Champion. Darby Allin soon came to the ring and encouraged Guevara to stand on his own two feet and move away from the shadow of The Jericho Appreciation Society.

That brought an annoyed Chris Jericho who told Guevara in no uncertain terms to fall in line and even apologize to him. Jericho suggested they reunite Le Sex Gods so he can remind The Spanish Gods which one of them is in charge.

Darby Allin took the bait of a suggested match while Jericho reminded Allin that he currently faced a two-on-one predicament in the ring. That brought out Sting who then stood on TV in the same ring as Jericho for the first time in their illustrious careers as the suggestions of a big showdown somewhere down the line between the two legends were put in place.

Speaking on the AEW-some Podcast, Chris Jericho explained that the seeds were planted for such an encounter at a presentation for a long-time wrestling director who retired in 2021:

“This is the very first time in both of our careers, which spans probaby 70 years combined, that either one of us have ever been in the ring together. Ever. Not for a showdown, not for a battle royal, nothing. We have never ever touched or been face-to-face in a pro wrestling ring before.

“A few years ago, there’s a guy called Keith Mitchell, he was the longtime director of Dynamite, he directed Nitro for years, he directed World Class with the Von Erichs, he retired in 2021. We had a goodbye ceremony for him in front of one of the small Jacksonville crowds during lockdown.

“Sting was in the ring and they asked me to come to the ring. That was the first bit of time that Sting and I had been in the ring together. It was off camera, off TV. I remember thinking and talking to him, ‘This is crazy. We have never done anything. When the time is right, we have to do something.’ The time was right on Wednesday for the first-time ever confrontation, Sting vs. Chris Jericho.”

h/t Fightful