Chris Jericho Reveals How Long He Sat In Crowd At AEW Dynamite (PHOTO)

chris jericho aew dynamite reveal

It’s rare for one of the most well-known wrestlers in the world to sit in a crowd for a significant amount of time and go unnoticed, but that’s exactly what Chris Jericho did.

During the February 8th edition of AEW Dynamite, there was a Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet Match that saw Ricky Starks beat Angelo Parker and Matt Menard in back-to-back short matches.

In Starks’ third match in the gauntlet, he faced Daniel Garcia. There was a spot in the match where Starks was out on the floor by the barricade when a fan wearing a silver mask hit him with a back elbow to the head. It looks very much like the Judas Effect elbow that former AEW and ROH World Champion Chris Jericho used. Garcia put Starks into the ring and got the pinfall win.

After the match, the masked man (who was wearing a shirt supporting The Acclaimed) went into the ring, took off his silver mask and revealed that it was actually Chris Jericho.

All of this should lead to Jericho facing Starks in a singles match at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view on Sunday, March 5th. Starks has already beaten Jericho on Dynamite this year, so this would be a rematch of that match.

On social media, Jericho revealed that he sat in the crowd at ringside for 15 minutes before AEW Dynamite started and nobody had any idea it was him.

Now that the Ocho’s out of the bag, I’ll let you know that I sat down in that seat about 15 minutes before #AEWDynamite started last night ….and stayed there the whole time until I knocked out @starkybaby!! I’m a genius and I fooled you all…… #ElOcho

The clip of Jericho’s reveal is below.