Chris Jericho Responds To WWE Snub

chris jericho aew dynamite spikes

Chris Jericho has reacted to an apparent snub from WWE over one of the biggest moments during his time with the company.

Having joined AEW in the early going, Chris Jericho has once again proven to be a master of reinvention and has made himself one of the top players in the somewhat fledgling organization. A former World Champion, Jericho has now had a match with the who’s who in AEW, including losing to Roderick Strong when he made his in-ring debut this past Wednesday.

However, long before that Chris Jericho made his debut as “Y2J” when he moved from WCW to WWE. His debut is one of the most iconic in the company’s history, with weeks of advertising build leading to his eventual promo with The Rock.

It would seem the debut isn’t quite as highly thought of within WWE circles, as in a new Top 25 list launched today, it only comes in at number 10.

The top five spots in the list are taken up by The Shield, Kane, Goldberg, Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar. Whilst these are notable debuts, it’s little surprise that Jericho has taken exception.

In a post on social media, Chris Jericho had a simple message in response to the list.

As with everything in wrestling the list was met with conjecture, but nobody can blame Chris Jericho for feeling he should be considered further up the list!

In one of his other WWE reinventions, it was recently revealed where the concept for the List Of Jericho came from.