Chris Jericho Reacts Harshly To Critical Fan

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho did not like what a fan tweeted at him, so he decided to fire back with some strong words in response to it.

With the news of AEW All In: London taking place at Wembley Stadium in England on August 27th, wrestling fans are wondering what sort of big matches the company put on to try to sell 50,000+ tickets or more in the massive venue.

It’s obvious that AEW can’t just put on a regular Dynamite lineup for the All In event, so it’s important to create some dream matches and make them feel like a big deal.

Chris Jericho is the first-ever AEW World Champion that was also the Ring of Honor World Champion last year and he won six World Titles during his WWE career, which is why he calls himself “The Ocho” for his eight World Titles.

In addition to being an eight-time World Champion, Chris Jericho has a lot of pride when it comes to AEW since he signed there in 2019 on day one. Jericho also signed a contract extension with AEW through 2025 when Jericho will be 55 years old.

On Twitter, fans have been pitching ideas for “dream matches” that could take place at the Wembley Stadium show. One fan pitched the legendary Chris Jericho facing WWE & TNA Hall of Famer Sting in a battle of legends. When a fan replied that the match would be terrible and Jericho needs to be carried, Chris responded this way.

“How about I carry your dumb ass to the blocked column, dips**t?”

As for Sting, he has hinted at retiring as a wrestler in 2023 although no date has been announced.

Since joining AEW in 2021, Sting is 13-0 with all of those matches being tag team matches with Darby Allin on his team. Sting doesn’t want to wrestle singles matches at this point.