Chris Jericho Gets Huge NJPW Partner For Forbidden Door

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was rejected by one NJPW star but now AEW’s Learning Tree has his partner for Forbidden Door.

For weeks now, Chris Jericho has been spouting his wisdom to anyone who will listen and those who won’t as AEW’s Learning Tree. The FTW Champion has brought in Big Bill and Bryan Keith to the Jericho Vortex as he continues to have issues with HOOK.

HOOK has not found himself alone in his fight against the man who beat him for the FTW Title as he has found like-minded allies in former AEW World Champion Samoa Joe and Katsuyori Shibata.

Those six men are scheduled to clash at Forbidden Door in a trios match but an injury to Bryan Keith has left Jericho looking for a third man. On Dynamite in Buffalo, Chris Jericho revealed he’d asked a former Forbidden Door partner of his to join him as he played a video of NJPW’s resident maniac Minoru Suzuki.

However, when the video played, rather than accept Jericho’s offer, Suzuki told him he wanted no part of The Learning Tree and instead challenged Jericho for his FTW Title.

Chris Jericho Gets His Man On Collision

Now, Chris Jericho has his third man after a wild brawl on Collision. Jericho, Big Bill, and Bryan Keith sauntered around during the show handing out their unwanted advice before they came face-to-face with their Forbidden Door opponents. A wild brawl broke out before NJPW World Television Champion Jeff Cobb made his presence felt as he laid out HOOK, Joe, and Shibata before Jericho raised his hand.

Chris Jericho shocked everyone at a CMLL show ahead of Forbidden Door as he appeared in Arena Mexico to attack Mistico.